About Us

The Future Begins at KHA!

Our Mission

To encourage our member schools to reach the highest levels of pre-school education.

 Our Vision

Our KHA teachers will be a positive influence on the children they teach, dedicated to fostering the development of each child mentally and emotionally, conscientious, patient and sensitive to their needs.

Our Core Values

Professionalism, integrity, and dedication ensuring excellence in early childhood development.


KHA Formation

The Kindergarten Headmistresses’ Association was formed in 1973 as a non-profit making organisation of private nursery and kindergarten schools in Kenya.


Training Programme Developed

KHA devised a training programme whereby teachers could be trained in member schools. Assistance in devising a suitable programme was provided by the Department of Education of the University of Nairobi, Kenya Institute of Education and Newton Le Willows College, Manchester, UK. In 1977 the KHA accepted its first students and the Teacher Training Programme went into operation offering a full time two-year Diploma course, which continues to this day to produce teachers trained to a high standard.

Sponsorship by the Aga Khan Foundation.

Sponsored by the Aga Khan Foundation a second teacher training programme was devised to train teachers to staff schools in less affluent areas in and around Nairobi and in rural areas, this is the popular KHA Nursery Teacher Certificate.

In-Service Course Launch.

In response to many requests for training in other parts of Kenya the KHA devised an In-Service course for teachers who were already employed but wished to improve their teaching skills. The syllabus for this training programme is taught in ten modules. These programmes are taught in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kiambu, and Kisumu.

Special Needs Diploma course Launch.

With many schools requiring teachers with skills in teaching children with specific learning needs the KHA offers a one year part-time Special Needs Diploma course.

What we do.

We organise workshops to encourage the teachers of all our member schools to develop their teaching skills and keep up-to-date with the latest educational trends.

Open Forum for Discussions

We invite Head Teachers of member schools to have tea with us in our garden so that they can interact with other Head Teachers and discuss various trends or problems or seek helpful information in a relaxed and pleasant way.

Refresher Courses

We hold full-day refresher courses for Head Teachers and their staff at regular intervals.


We train teachers for our member schools and other schools both here in Kenya.

We train special needs teachers, kindergarten teachers and nursery teachers

Offer In-Service courses

We offer In-Service courses for employed teachers wishing to upgrade their teaching skills.